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Unique thin film coating capabilities

The most advanced Diamond-Like Carbon Coating solution

Norseld has a world leading specialty coating capability referred to as Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC). We call it CoolDiamond DLC®. Our unique process gives superior quality, speed and we can coat at room temperature compared to other DLC coaters who can not.

≥75% Sp3 percentage

CoolDiamond DLC® offers a Sp3 percentage of ≥75%. This is more than 20% better than our closest competitors.

Coating at room temperature

Our unique deposition process enables coating at room temperature. Therefore we can coat on any material without any alteration including plastics and Silicon. It also reduces stresses in the coating itself.

Low friction and wear coefficient

CoolDiamond DLC® coating properties exceed Mil Standards.

Fast coating process

The Norseld process is unique in its superior quality and speed – 600 nm/min, scalable.

we export globally

Norseld is already a global exporter to more than 30 countries.

Secured facilities

We ensure the safety of your products while they are in our premises for coating.


CoolDiamond DLC® coating is unique in its superior quality and speed. This enables us to provide you with cost effective and high quality solution.

Tailor made support

We work with each individual client to assess their thin film coating needs and offer the best engineering solutions.

CoolDiamond DLC® By Norseld Pty Ltd

DLC coating solution for protection of optics and friction surfaces including plastics

Based on significant R&D investment over the last 15 years, Norseld Pty Ltd has developed a revolutionary DLC coating capability. Our unique coating process enables us to coat at room temperature. This means that we can coat on any material even plastics and Silicon. We also guarantee the most advanced DLC coating on the market as our coatings have a Sp3 percentage of ≥ 75%.

High quality standards combined with speed of coating gives our customers a competitive advantage on very demanding markets like Defence, Motor racing or Aerospace.

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