CoolDiamond DLC®

New thin film coating technology called CoolDiamond DLC®

CoolDiamond DLC® unique properties opens new coating opportunities

Norseld has a world leading specialty coating capability referred to as Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC). We call it CoolDiamond DLC®. Our unique process gives superior quality, speed and we can coat at room temperature compared to other DLC coaters who can not.

CoolDiamond DLC® gives superior wear protection against dust, sand, salt spray, other 2nd body particles and various thermal and electrochemical applications. Applications include optical coatings, Infra Red optics and thermal imaging, light weight head wear (e.g. night vision & Heads Up Display), engine parts (tribology), etc.

Current DLC methods result in Sp3 percentages in the range of 50%-65% (sputtered a-C). Norseld DLC has a Sp3 percentage of ≥75% meaning it is a ta-C or tetrahedral bonded Diamond-Like Carbon. The greater the Sp3 percentage the greater the uniformity and quality of the coating.

This high percentage of Sp3 combined with the other exceptional properties of Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating give an incomparable competitive advantage to CoolDiamond DLC® making it the most advanced DLC coating on the market. 

Our unique coating process not only gives us the highest percentage of Sp3 available on the market but it is also opening new coating opportunities. As we can coat at room temperature, it means that we can coat on any surface including plastics, Silicon and chalcogenides. Chalcogenide glass uses include infrared detectors, infrared optics and infrared optical fibers.

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Mission critical parts and components perform at their maximum when coated with CoolDiamond DLC®. CoolDiamond DLC® coating is the best solution for any application where a protection from high velocity airborne particles, seawater, engine fuel and oils, high humidity etc. is needed.


CoolDiamond DLC® offers an excellent surface protection combined with excellent infrared transmittance.

CoolDiamond DLC® coating is also the best coating on the market for low-light applications such as night-vision goggles, sensors or other IR. 


CoolDiamond DLC® is adapted for the toughest conditions and it is the logical choice for working in space. In partnership with Defence SA, we are taking part in the South Australian Space Capability Directory. This directory provides a clear view of South Australia’s space economy & opportunities.

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